Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Super What?

Super cool is someone who gives you a Batman belt buckle for your birthday.

In the news: Power Rangers although an clear rip off of Voltron have served a purposes and led to a wee little kid fending off a couple of armed robbers.

In other news: Durham North Carolina is apparently easy pickens for robbers unafraid of 5 yr old Power Rangers.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Lion Robot's With People Inside Can Save The Universe

There I said it! We were all thinking it but I said it.

I was going to include a cartoon photo but damn that was an awesome toy. The above was the dicast metal version. There was another version (plastic) included weapons and action figures that fit inside the individual lions but mine could fly higher and packed a wallop when you threw it. (Take that Big D).

More info on this amazing series include the one that involved cars and the one that I don't recal but involved the elements of earth or something may be found here.

Anyway... What inspired this is a link definitely worth clicking. 8 very important lessons you can learn from 80's cartoons.

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