Thursday, April 27, 2006


A Pretty Cool Job

Imagine if you will, a job where you made new discoveries every day, got to destroy the things you did no want, got to drive a cool ass vehicle, got to throw things around, got to have kids with big wheels idolize you and got to dress like a ghost buster. You would be a garbage man. So here is to the garbage man.

Your job is way cooler than it is given credit for.

In argue with this if you want to be nice to your girlfriend news: The sexiest woman in the world was announced.

In related news: Scientist are looking into how to prevent cows asses from stinking. One can only hope for human trials.

Monday, April 24, 2006


Tom Who?

Some of you readers find the hijinx of this blog quite entertaining. And perhaps you recall the post I had about a man who legally changed his name to "They." Well... this dumbass has inspired my to consider changing my name to Tom Foolery. Check back soon for updates.

Speaking of old posts I still want my damn hovercraft which was promised to me by 1997. Anyway.. here are 11 reasons why having one would be cool.

In Technology News: The latest cold can for beer is being pushed by Miller. Now we can drink beer that tastes like cold piss. Yaaah. In additional tech news, hamburgers are only getting better.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Stoners and Hippies

To all you stoners and hippies our there.... Happy 4/20! And for when you get the munchies.

To Everybdoy and anybody... Happy High 5 day. (high? 5)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Cheesy Popcorn

When it comes to cheesy popcorn... I say the cheaper the better. I have tried the pre-popped stuff in a bag and I love it. I have tried PopSecret microwave cheesy popcorn and I love it. I have put cheesy goodness on regular popcorn that I have popped for myself, and I love it. BUTT Jolly Time Popcorn Big Cheez popcorn is handsdown the best cheesy popcorn out there. Unfortunately it is a bit hard to find which is why I encourage all of you to go out and find it. Its simple economics... As much popcorn as I eat apparently has not created a great enough demand to have more market shelves stocked with.... So please help me with my cheez!

IN IMPORTANT NEWS: Benny Hoh has entered the podcast world as a guest on the ESB Pubcast. The pubcast can currently be found at the ESB blog. You can learn about various beers the ongoing of brewing and the finest little pub and brewery in San Francisco The Elizabeth Street Brewery.... Oh yeah check out the Hohmann Moment too :-)

Friday, April 14, 2006


To My College Swim Friends:

I don't care what you say. If kept within reason... This kind of stuff was effing fun. However, thank goodness the interweb was a little earlier in its development back then and my photos aren't out there.

In other news: Scientist are developing real life tractor beams. Comment: About time. I am sick of trying to harness my chi and/or psycokenetic powers.

Happy Easter

Thursday, April 13, 2006


I've Got My Mit

So I will probably catch some shit for this from one direction or another but it has rained here in Cali for about 3 months straight. Having moved from Beantown, 3 months of rain was no big deal. Butt then I thought, "I MOVED TO SUNNY CALIFORNIA DAMN IT!" And I was displease. However, low and behold today it is gorgeous in Palo Alto. In fact if the atmosphere today was a woman I would probably want to have sex with her.

Speaking of Boston, which is notorious for its driving conditions. The city has gone to great length to create giant leaky tunnels to alleviate poor traffic conditions. The lastest idea it so put one ton peach in the middle of an intersection. As always the BennyHoh blog will monitor the results.

In Darwin Award news: Boy steals gas from firetruck, Boy spills gas on self, boy uses lighter to see how much he has spilt, boy lites self on fire, boy gets caught stealing gas.

In protest news: College girls are running around nude to protest... I'm sorry I lost my train of thought.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Great Gobbs of Easter

In an idea that I never got around to trying. Perhaps because I forgot and perhaps my feelings that perhaps trying is the first step towards failure are finally taking root, but imagine if you will, a chocolate cake made with Cadbury eggs rather than real eggs. AWESOME you say. Well here is the step by step process and surprising results.

In the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Fire Arms (ATF) News: We no longer need to be concerned about Ninja attacks. For real.

And finally... Damit I don't care if I am still jealous of another man's toy collection. This is really cool. Except I must admit I prefer matchbox cars.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


The Good Ol Days

Many look back at college as the good ol days. Not me. For me it was middle school. That was a sociopathic time for most of us. Not giving a poop was great. Sometimes you got in a lot of trouble but for the most part you got away with a lot of really bad stuff that when your morals kicked in later in life you would never even consider doing... And that is why I kind solute this group of middle schoolers who went for joy rides in front-end loaders around a junk yard.

Speaking of youth... Given this is some sort of yuppie contraption, but damn its a cool tree fort.

In combining vices news: I recently posted about making your own Guinness ice cream... well now Ben & Jerry's is making Black and Tan ice cream. emmmmm beer and ice cream.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Grudge Be Gone!

For many years I have been acrimonious towards the Kraft food company. And no its not because they are a subsidiary of a tobacco company. It was because they continually pass me over for wiener mobile driver despite for real excellent qualifications. However, Kraft has taken the first step in redeeming itself with its latest invention that will surely keep us years ahead of any foreign treat maker. That's right... the long awaited elongated OREO for dipping has become a reality.

In Hugs not Drugs news: WTF is the world coming to.

In I think I may know this guy news: Man takes dump outside hall of justice.

Follow Up Story: Potty follow up story



I think today is as good as any to recognize the history of the flush toilet. We have all sorts of gadgets these days but it was the marvels such as flush toilets that are true engineering genius. The mathematical equation to determine the appropriate water to rim level alone boggles the mind. After all the plop and cold water spash up into one's bum ranks down there with the disappointment you receive in checking a losing mega millions lotto ticket before going to work.

In Well Duh news: Having nothing better to research, a recent study has determined that doing it for real is more satisfying than playing one hander commander.

India news: Apparently you can not advertise alcohol... So this billionaire bought an airline and named it after his booze brand. BRILLIANT.

In other news: You have to advertise alcohol

Monday, April 03, 2006


Beer vs. Cooking update

According to Wired, the 10th greatest Interweb (Yes its still on computers these days) Spoof was:

"10. Neiman Marcus cookie recipe: This was an e-mail circulated in the early '90s claiming that a woman ended up having to pay $250 for a sweet Neiman Marcus treasure. She decided to take revenge by circulating the cookie recipe across the internet. It's posted on the Neiman Marcus website now. The recipe is really good. As far as I know, anyhow. I'm sure as hell not planning on making them. Takes up valuable beer room in the tummy."

The rest of the list can found here.

Maybe its just strange to me but I guess a lot of people must do it at one time or another during thier lives and just don't admitt it. Dump some urine on the side of the highway.

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