Thursday, June 28, 2007


Beer Innovation Gone Ary

Innovation without boundaries can be a very dangerous thing. I say that having appreciated many a wacky idea.

However, as charming as a "Beer Shirt" may sound, this offering which I believe is targeted toward beer swilling guys has a few flaws that I feel compelled to call out.

1) By having 2 free hands, guys drinking beer will have twice as many opportunities to grab things they shouldn't. Some might say it increased the fun possibilities but really having at least one hand nestled around your beer is a safe and enjoyable practice.

2) Take a look at the design of the sweatshirt below. Clearly they are off on the demographic of the apparel. The guys I know who enjoy beer just so happen to have a beer gut which in turn would challenge the physics of the sweatshirt's capability to hold a bottle of beer in a accessible and non-spilling position.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


What's A Tape Recorder

My most recent encounter with a burrito had results that one might expect.... One might expect if you are not me. My stomach has a bit of a Peter Pan complex and refuses to accept that it is no longer laced with iron.

That said, as I lied awake last night I remember the days when I would stay up late listening to Dr. Demento while trying to record via my boom box tape recorder, my favorite bits. One of my all time favorites was a very very very early Beck song. Probably one that none of you have heard before. Anywho... I could not find just song so below is an interpretative youtube video it. It being the song "Satan Gave Me a Taco" which I was relating to last night.

Satan gave me a taco - Click here for more blooper videos

Friday, June 01, 2007


Great Gobs of Magic Nose Goblins

No no... This post has nothing to do with your booger collection on the underside of your desk. But it could and it might.

The Hell you say...

Well I do say when I read about this man who makes a living off of building things out of Lego's.

My first instinct was to be accrimonious (that means bitter) or pissed.

But then I thought that is some strange way he reminded me of the Dude.

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