Monday, December 03, 2007


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No it will be about the rare occasion that a moral stance is caught in a quandary. The moral stance I have is against throw back uniforms. I hate the idea of having throw back days especially to way back when nobody watching was alive for the sole purpose of selling merchandise. Its just plain slimy. That said; it is also the responsibility of a sport franchise to have a decent looking uniform. This must be harder that is seams. And I am not going to go on and on about the old Denver Nuggets uniforms or the Old Astro's uniforms. Those are things that we should have learned from.

Today we have a bunch of cyber crap. The Broncos have a cyber horse. The Blue Jays look just like the Devil Rays and it’s a cyber bird to boot. One approach is to do as the Diamondbacks did and get rid of your hideous mid 90's popular for reasons I don't know expansion team colors (Teals, purples, black etc...) and revert back to a nice red. Of course they look like several other teams now.

Long story short and if you made sense of any of the above blather (props to you sir) then you know that I really want to call out that I am proud that that Toronto Blue Jays will be sporting 80's and 90's throwback uniforms. I am happy because of how ugly their current uni's have become.

In other news the B-Train is blogging again so check it out.

Incoherently yours - Benny Hoh

those were definitely the best days of baseball. My Pirates were playing well---at least making it to the national league championship game consistently. The Jays of course had your favorite SS Kelly Gruber and others such as Joe Carter, John Olerud, Roberto Alomar, etc...

Oh yeah---and baseball cards were cool....
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