Friday, January 25, 2008


Bad Marketing and PR tactics...Maybe. Still Brilliant? YOU BETCHA

OK I know I am barely offering my own perspective here other than I think the following is hilariously brilliant and had to share the following from the Boston Herald:

KFC Super Bowl promo angers NFL

The National Football League is calling KFC's chicken dance challenge to Super Bowl players a "textbook case of ambush marketing 101." As part of a national promotion for its hot wings, the chicken chain will donate $260,000 to charity in the name of the first Patriots or Giants player who performs the "wing flapping" portion of the chicken dance for at least three seconds in the end zone during the championship game. The offer also applies to the first celebrity Super Bowl performer who does the cheesy wedding standard on stage.

that is awesome!!! I'm thinking Brandon Jacobs will be the first to do it...
thought you might find this useful. i'm planning on making it for a super bowl party

Bacon Toffee!

it's actually really good - this coming from the former veg
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